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You Can Pass the Certification Test on Your First Try!Save time and money, and make your learning fun

Pass the certification exam and become a CPhT on your first try! If you want to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician without spending thousands of dollars and months of your time on classes, then our self-study materials are for you. Our books have been used since 1999 to help over 23,000 students pass the PTCB and ExCPT exams.

PharmacyTrainer's technician training supplies are used by companies and schools in all 50 states because the coursework completely covers what you need to know. Unlike other courses, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Guide goes beyond the details of retail pharmacy - it also teaches hospital pharmacy and pharmacy math in a single easy-to-learn course. Learn more about our materials and join the thousands that have used PharmacyTrainer to become a CPhT!

The Complete Self-Study Package

Be Prepared and Save Money

  • Includes all three parts of our self-study program
    • Pharmacy Technician Certification Guide
    • Self-Study Examination Workbook
    • Top 200 Drug Flash Cards
  • It's your classroom in a box, just like having a private tutor
  • Save big with this direct-from-publisher package
  • The perfect gift for anyone that wants to be a tech!

Retail Total Price: $132.85 Exclusive Package Deal: $87.95 (Save $44.90)

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Pharmacy Technician Certification Guide

Third Edition

  • Updated for the latest PTCE changes
  • Perfect for both the PTCB and ExCPT CPhT exams
  • 52 detailed chapters covering what you need to know
  • Teaches from the ground-up, learning is easy and fun

Retail Price: $82.95 Publisher-Direct Discount: $64.95 (Save $18.00)

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Self-Study Examination Workbook

For PTCG Third Edition

  • Hundreds of questions to help you prepare
  • Works hand-in-hand with the PTCG Third Edition
  • Scheduled to cover the right topics at the right time
  • Two complete practice final exams covering all topics

Retail Price: $24.95

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Top 200 Drug Flash Cards

2016 Edition

  • Covers the top 200 drugs you need to know
  • Learn naming, classes, schedules, and routes
  • Includes phonetic pronunciations for all names
  • Perfect for all medical and pharmacy professionals

Retail Price: $24.95

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You Can Pass the PTCB Examination on Your FIRST TRY!

No other live or self-study Pharmacy Technician Examination Program can match the success demonstrated by our unique learning system. Since 1999, we have had an outstanding first try pass rate that has yielded tens-of-thousands of satisfied customers! You can be one of the PharmacyTrainer alumni who have walked into the certification examination with confidence, and walked out with a fantastic grade!

We Save You Time and Money

There is no need to rearrange your life's schedule to study for the Examination! You choose how and when you will study! Don't waste time and money on expensive classes that take months to complete and leave you thousands of dollars in debt.

We Give You the Most Complete Course

The Certification Examination will test your knowledge on BOTH retail and hospital pharmacy. Our preparation materials completely cover both practice areas! Some employers like to tell their associates that their corporate training materials will adequately prepare them to take the Exam. Unfortunately, most do not. We get calls from those poor souls every day, asking what they need to do now that they have to take the exam a second time. Don't make this same mistake. Look at the materials your employer has provided. Compare the table of contents to our chapter list. See which reference is more complete. Then decide which you would rather rely on to give you the necessary training to pass the certification test. PharmacyTrainer completely covers the material needed to pass the certification exam!

We Give You the Most Up-to-Date Material

Since PharmacyTrainer authors, and publishes, our own programs, we are able to bring you information that is current as of the very day of your order! Any changes in direction of the PTCB Examination will be incorporated into our materials, as soon as it occurs. While other providers have to wait 2 years or more to incorporate new information into their manuals, we will have it for you immediately! For instance, our Third Edition Book completely covers the latest PTCE Guideline changes! No other manual has kept up with changes to the certification examinations like PharmacyTrainer! You can always be sure you are receiving study materials that are current for the upcoming Certification Examination!

Our Program is the Easiest to Understand

Sudying for the Certification Examination has never been more easy or fun! The PharmacyTrainer Pharmacy Technician Certification Guide is specially written for working pharmacy technicians and those looking to start in the pharmacy profession. They are written by a practicing pharmacist with almost 30 years of professional experience in all facets of the profession. The author knows how to explain even the most difficult concepts using easy to understand examples from your everyday life. The program will take you on a "learning journey" through both retail and hospital pharmacy that will give you the necessary information for passing the certification examination, and make you feel as if an instructor was sitting beside you the whole time!

PLUS, With Our Satisfaction Guarantee, You Just Can't Lose!

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