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PharmacyTrainer PTCB Certification Review Book for the Pharmacy Technician

PharmacyTrainer PTCB Certification Review Book for the Pharmacy Technician

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You Can Pass the PTCB Exam on Your First Try! Isn't it time to stop worrying and start preparing with a company that has helped over 25,000 students pass the PTCE since 1998? We can help you get Certified and ready to take advantage of the increased opportunities and pay that wait ahead for you!

Get the Most Complete and Up-to-Date Material! PharmacyTrainer publishes its own materials. This means that while traditional methods make you wait years between editions to incorporate new subject material into the products, we can do so on a daily basis! Whenever new information  comes to light, we add it. No waiting. We don't have to wait for massive new editions of the text. The new information is simply worked into the present chapters, assuring you that you receive the latest information - and you will receive it in the current book we ship today! Don't let the copyright date fool you. We are constantly adding and adjusting material in the current edition of the book. This doesn't change the original copyright date, but still gives you the latest information! All PharmacyTrainer materials conform to the most recent PTCB examination standards!

Study where and when you want! Do you prefer to study on your own? Do you have a hectic schedule that makes attending classes impossible? Are you getting a gift for someone who wants to become a CPhT? If you said yes to any of those questions, then this package is your perfect solution. Order today and be on your way to becoming a certified pharmacy technician!

Save hundreds or thousand of dollars in tuition! Dedicated students do not need formal class to become Certified! You can save yourself  months to years of classroom time, as well as thousands of dollars in tuition payments by using our self-study preparation.

The easiest to understand! Written and taught by a registered pharmacist with over 30 years of real-world experience, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Guide has a distinctive narrative style that will make you feel as if you have your own professional tutor by your side! No matter how complicated a concept may be, the author explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. Find out why the PharmacyTrainer books and courses have been the number one choice of tens of thousands of students and educators!


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Product Information

  • 2019 Version of the Third Edition
  • Fast and Easy PTCE and ExCPT Preparation!
  • Completely Covers Pharmacy Math!
  • Outstanding First Try Pass Rate!
  • the Most Up-to-Date!
  • the Most Complete!
  • the Easiest to Understand!
  • Covers Both Hospital & Retail Settings!
  • Used by Colleges and Vocational Schools!
  • Free Email Support from Certified Technicians and Pharmacists!
  • Satisfaction Guarantee!


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