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Hospital Drugs Flashcards

Hospital Drugs Flashcards

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Specially designed for nursing students!

Learn the most important facts about 50 of the most commonly used drugs in hospital practice! 


Our nursing college customers requested hospital drug cards to compliment our Top 200 Drug Flashcards. We answered their needs with these special cards geared towards nursing students. Now they are available to you!

 Custom information on each drug!

  • brand v generic name
  • phonetic pronunciation
  • pharmacological class
  • required laboratory tests
  • required patient education
  • nursing implications for the drug
  • available dosage forms & strengths
  • mechanism of action
  • approved indications for use
  • contraindications to use
  • common adverse reactions
  • normal adult dose
  • high alert drugs
  • hazardous drugs
  • tallMAN lettering requirements
  • use in pregnancy 
  • DEA schedule
  • can the drug be broken or crushed?
  • plus, PRINTED IN COLOR!!


More ways to organize your studying!

Our cards are made to be organized by:

  • pharmacological class with quick color coding, or
  • alphabetically by generic name using a new letter block, or
  • by organ system using the descriptor on the bottom of each card


Want to know your drugs? The NCLEX exam will assume you do! Our flashcards are the perfect tool for the job! With the most information for study, they are simply the easiest way for the student to learn the most important drug facts in the shortest amount of time. 

These cards cover 50 of the most commonly used drugs in US hospitals, and each card contains a wealth of information. These are the same cards used by colleges and vocational schools in their own classes!

This flashcard set makes a perfect supplement to our Top 200 Drug Flashcards to get complete coverage of drug knowledge. We highly suggest that the nursing student uses both of these critical resources.