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Want to know your drugs? The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and ExCPT exams will assume you do! These 200 durable flash cards are the perfect tool for the job! With 1,000 pieces of information available for study, they are simply the easiest way for the pharmacy technician student to learn the most important drug facts in the shortest amount of time.

These cards cover the most recent top 200 drugs, and each card contains a wealth of information. On the front is the drug’s generic name. On the reverse, each card contains four pieces of vital information: the brand name, pharmacological class, DEA schedule, and available routes of administration! All of which can be found on the certification examination. And each card includes the phonetic pronunciation of every generic name!

The flash card set makes a perfect supplement to the self-study course, or simply a great gift for anyone that would need to know their drugs. Don’t be caught unprepared when it is time for the PTCB Examination!

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